I am training for the Territorial Army and one of the requirements in the selection process is to run 1.5 miles in nine minutes or under. I just couldn’t get beyond 1 mile without pulling up and gasping for air. I was talking to Wiggins about this and he very kindly took me over to Hyde Park and paced me for the distance, not only did I smash the 9 minutes I still had some left in the tank and it was all because Wiggins showed me and taught me the importance of pacing yourself. Wiggins' passion and knowledge when it comes to running is infectious and second to none but the nice thing is that he doesn’t preach about it. Dozens of people including myself have taken up running because of Wiggs just doing his own thing.

Neil, Kensington.

Over the last 9 years, Wiggins has given me invaluable advice re training and nutrition leading up to an event. Wigs' knowledge, experience and most importantly his passion and enthusiasm for running is amazing! During the time I have known Wigs he has prepared me to climb a mountain in Bhutan and walk a marathon! Wigs is inspiring, motivating without too much pressure and gets great results! One of the best in his field and you will definitely achieve your goals plus enjoy the journey!

Noreen, Archway.

Wiggins has this energy when you go out running with him for the first time, it makes you want to carry on and see how far you can push yourself and before you know it you are a few races in into your new found love of the sport. Wiggins has always given all abilities his time to mentor, coach and give advice. From beginner level, food advice leading up to race day and advice on the perfect running apparel for each individual. There are not many runners who could coach and advise with Wiggins experience and knowledge of the sport. Numerous marathons, half marathons, 10k races notched up over the years and more recently a 46 mile race which he completed in an amazing time of 7:44:27 which makes Wiggins the perfect coach for all abilities and distance. Without his experience and advice I would not have gone from a 4hr 30min marathon to 3hr 35mins in the space of three years.

Ralph, Blackheath.

I've known Michael for 17 years and have always been in awe of his running ability. When I got a charity place for the 2010 London Marathon, I was pretty much a non runner. Michael was the 1st person I asked for advice about training for the marathon. He gave me plenty of great tips on all aspects of running and they helped massively. I completed the marathon and have carried on running. I always ask Michael for advice and have made huge improvements on my race times because of it. Not only is he a great runner in his own right, but he is one of the nicest blokes you're ever likely to meet.

Phil, Bedfordshire.

After moaning to Wiggins that I had stopped running since the birth of my daughter, he took me under his wing and encouraged me to start again. I am far from what I call a runner, more of a gentle jogger, but with his help I am back up to running shorter distances of up to 4 miles in our lunch break. Wiggins is extremely good at motivating and very encouraging and I feel lucky to have had his support. AMEN. You can change as you see fit!! x

Cheryl, Kent.

After watching Michael complete the 2008 London Marathon I began to toy with the idea of trying it myself. Everyone told me I was crazy, except Michael. I'll train you, he said. Before that I had done no running whatsoever. I completed the 2009 London Marathon in a respectable time of 4:16. Three years on in 2012, I finished in the top 10 in 9 of the 10 races I entered, and set 3 new PB times, getting my 10k time down to 37:50. Most importantly, I finished 12th in the London Ultra Duathlon, and came first in my age group. That man has turned me into a machine, and all I had to do was listen and train!

Christian, Kent.

I only ever run fairly short distances so was a little worried about going on training runs with Michael, but even though he's run numerous marathons in the past he made our training runs both beneficial and enjoyable. After advice from him i decided to run my first race and beat my target time by a considerable margin, mainly down to the training runs and general tips Michael gave me in the weeks leading up to the event. I now run races regularly and constantly look to Michael for guidance throughout my training programs.

Ollie, Blackheath.

At the advanced age of 63 I decided to take up running again and found Michael’s advice and support to get me started invaluable. This resulted in my successful participation in a 10k race last year which I completed in just over an hour.

Brian, Streatham